Our church recently transitioned from a Pastor-one elder/Congregational form of government to a plurality of elders (spiritual overseers)/Congregational model. This has been an exciting process for us and we have seen wonderful changes in the way we disciple, train leaders, and serve our church family.
From L to R
Jordan Newman-  Jordan is a police officer and also serves as a security coordinator for Samaritan’s Purse.  He and his wife Tiffany oversee our youth discipleship ministry.  
Pat Weaver-  Pat is our full time teaching elder.  Pat, his wife Susan, and their son Benjamin (now a college student) joined us in 2012.  He has pastored in Leon, Iowa and Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Susan is passionate about discipling and teaching the women in our church and is also part of the worship team.
Paul Tennefoss- Paul is a software architect and one of our main children’s church and Sunday school teachers.   His wife Alice helps the church organizing our Children’s education ministries.  
Our deacons work together to serve our elders and church family by overseeing all the physical needs of the church family and ministries.  
From L to R
Garl Maynard- Garl is a full-time fuel transport trucker.  His main area of oversight at Cornerstone is our media ministry along with building maintenance.  
Scott Brown-Scott is a family physician in our community.  He serves as our deacon chairman.  Scott also serves as one of our main teachers.  
Keith Edwards-Keith works at Wooster Brush and is one of our “handy-men”.  If it can be fixed, he can usually do it or find someone who can!
Mike Barnhart- Mike is a head mechanic/supervisor for a local trucking company.  Mike also is one of our “handy-men” who serves the body well with property maintenance.  
If you would like to contact any of our Elders or Deacons, please email cornerstone2700@gmail.com and put to the attention of the board member you would like to communicate with.